Training Service for Mobile Phones Repairing in West Bengal.

Training Course for Smart Android Phone Repairing in West Bengal
Mobile Phone Repairing Course in West Bengal

Course Duration provided by Advance Institute of Latest Technologies.

1. Advanced Mobile Repairing Course in 6 months.
Taking weekend classes on Sturday and Sunday within 2 Hour.
2. Advanced Mobile Repairing course in 3 Month.
Taking 2-3 hour weekly Classes from Monday to Saturday.
3. Advanced Mobile course in 1 Month.
Take 4-5 Hour Class per day.
Advance Institute of Latest technologies is the foremost Institute for Smart Mobile Phone Repairing Training Classes in West Bengal. we have Seprate batch of chip level Mobile repairing course in West Bengal, which have maximum 7-8 students trained by couple of experienced and qualified faculty Expert. The syllabus of Mobile repairing structure is based on advanced and Latest technologies which are flowing in the market. Within the period of 2-3 months, our students learn the basic to advance mobile phone technologies, diagnosing the faults and finding their solutions. The Hardware and Software Course of Smart Mobile Phone Repair in West Bengal also offers online courses for the students who are not able to join the institute or far from the institute such as students from other states or abroad. We provide distance courses, online courses and correspondence courses to the students who are really wants to learn keen and deep technology of Smart Phones like Touch Android phone, Blackbeery, samsung, nokia, and other china modern. However, the Mobile chip level repairing course is recommendable for those with the technical awareness, but if you are really wants to learn advanced technologies of electronics, you can learn the essential skills at Advance Institute of Latest Technologies.
we teach in our smart Mobile repairing course:
BIOS settings of different Mobiles motherboards
How to repair a Mobile keyboard
Diagnosing problems without disassembling a Mobile
Testing of batteries and power adaptors
Technique of using Cathode Ray Oscilloscope(CRO)
How to repair a Mobile screen
How to repair a cracked Mobile screen
How to repair a Mobile power jack
Technique of using Multitester
Repairing Human Interface Devices (Keyboard, Touchpad, Trackball etc.)
Our Branches in West Bengal for Smart Phone Repairing:
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